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Top Luxury Dining Options in Sarasota Florida

Whether you are on vacation in beautiful Sarasota Florida, or are considering whether or not you should call our slice of paradise your new home, finding the best restaurants...

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Out and About: Must See Attractions When You Spend Your Spring in Sarasota FL

Snow has been a hot topic in 2018, with out of season snow storms battering many northern and central states even after the calendar informed us it was already spring.  If you...

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Top Ways to End Your Summer Right at The Founders Club Community

When you have a luxury home community that prides itself in its unrivaled member camaraderie, you make sure you there are plenty of events and activities for those residents...

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Top Ways to Enjoy Sarasota FL in the Fall

There are so many reasons we love fall in Florida and most of them have to do with being outside, eating scrumptious food, and delighting in yummy drinks. From pumpkin spice...

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How to Choose the Right Community for You

When asked to describe a dream home, people will likely spout off the number of bedrooms they require, the type of flooring with which they are comfortable, or the sheer size...

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Top Ways to Enjoy Sarasota Florida in the Spring

If you have the pleasure of staying in sunny Sarasota, Florida during the spring, you are likely aware of the many benefits the city has to offer. Full-time residents can enjoy...

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Explore the Hidden Gems of Sarasota, Florida

Sarasota’s motto is "Where Urban Amenities Meet Small-Town Living," and during your trip to our beautiful city and its surrounding areas, there are tons of amenities to keep you...

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