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Building The Perfect Backyard Oasis for Your Sarasota Homes

Take a stroll through a park and you’ll undoubtedly feel a sense of calm as the white noise of life slows to a dull roar and a smile plays on your face.  This isn’t a test for your love of nature, but a confirmation of the healing aspects of it. Turns out, nature can help us fight depression and stress, as well as increase focus and immunity, so why not plan the design of your outdoor living space to ensure you spend a good amount of time outside soaking up the health benefits of our natural resources?

At The Founders Club, residents have the luxury of living on oversized home sites - Estate home sites range from a half acre to one acre - and each one is surrounded by lakes, wetlands, nature preserves, a golf course, or often all four.  The view alone can maximize your health and happiness, but planning out a practical and fun outdoor living space will ensure you make the most of your backyard view. Here are some expert tips to help you build your backyard oasis for your Sarasota homes.

Install A Custom Pool

Installing a pool in your backyard provides an effortless way to spend a pleasurable time outdoors. During the summer's hot days, a custom pool's blue-green waters allow you to lounge and float carelessly in your outdoor living space. Then, when temperatures drop, hop over to your raised spa to relax your muscles and ease the chill in your bones.

Incorporate Some Furniture

Southern Florida has many beautiful days, and it is the best time to relax in your outdoor living space with a book, laptop or tablet. While soaking up the sun, you can be able to free up your mind and smile. In addition, you can position a swing or comfortable outdoor seating that gives you a better view of your stunning setting or relax with friends.

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Create An Outdoor Kitchen

Your outdoor living space can be an excellent place for a delicious barbecue during a beautiful weather day. An outdoor kitchen featuring a stainless-steel grill, a sink to prepare food, cook and serve, as well as an under-counter refrigerator, makes your backyard a relaxing space. In addition, an outdoor kitchen can transform your natural outdoor space into an inviting spot. Also, ensure you plant or incorporate some citronella or marigold to repel bugs, such as mosquitoes, naturally.

Add A Water Feature

Having running water in your backyard is an effective way to create a sense of serenity, whether you have a few feet of space or ample outdoor space. Water features can be a great option, especially when you intend to add some fish or other underwater wildlife to bring some character to the area. From a small cement pond to an extravagant waterfall, these features let you create a perfect backyard oasis for your Sarasota home.

Be Strategic with Shade

Having a shaded area is essential when designing an ideal outdoor living space. This can be natural shade around the base of a tree, or you can create areas of shape using an awning or constructing a pergola. A shade comes in handy during sweltering days, where you can relax in your backyard and enjoy the health benefits of your outdoor setting.

Add String Lights

Outdoor string lights can transform your backyard into a more idealistic outdoor space, especially when creating an entertaining environment when the sun goes down. It is a cost-effective and more accessible way to build a perfect backyard. In addition, string lights bring an ethereal sense of romance during the evenings. However, consider LED options to save on energy use and install long-lasting string lights.

Regardless of what you intend to use your backyard for, you can transform the space into a natural oasis by adding furniture, water features, a kitchen and a pool. If you need a luxury home community with a perfect backyard oasis, schedule your tour with The Founders Club

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