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Virtual Travel and Entertainment from the Comforts of Home in Sarasota, Florida

In today's tech-savvy world, we can experience the joys of cultural exhibits, theme parks, and other entertainment venues without leaving the comfort of our homes. No matter how many people make up your household, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

So sit back, grab your favorite snack and beverage, and let's jump into virtual reality. Or, you can jump on the treadmill, or the exercise bike, and get a workout in while you're walking or peddling to exciting destinations. From locations close to the luxurious homes at The Founders Club to places across Florida's peninsula and beyond, virtual technology lets you experience life without venturing outside.


Virtual Adventures Worthy of the Experience

One great thing about enjoying virtual entertainment, you're not in any time constraints. Watch it when you want, and take as long as you want to see it all. 


1. The Ringling by Virtual Transport

What's your artistic passion? The Ringling online collection offers hours of gazing. Don't forget, in a few simple steps it's easy to put it on the big screen for an evening of art critique and debate. 


2. The Mote Marine Laboratory and Aquarium

The Mote has gone remote! Enjoy online viewing of the marine staff caring for sea life. Coming up on May 6th, it's a special event for homeschooling. 


3. The Sunshine Skyway Bridge to The Dali Museum

Located in St. Petersburg, FL, The Dali Museum is virtually open to the public with fascinating tours and exciting activities. From an array of exciting subjects to "Coffee with a Curator" to a virtual tour, there is something for everyone at The Dali Museum. (Wait a few seconds for the virtual tour to load.)


4. Picture Beaming Down to Miami's Vizcaya Museum & Gardens

There is an advantage of virtual travel. You can experience the beauty of Vizcaya Museum & Gardens  in a few hours, compared to a long day of traveling down to Miami. (Wait a few seconds for everything to load.) Enjoy the sounds of nature or the music to set the mood as you click your way through this beautiful destination.


5. Visualize Cruising at Warp Speed to the Dry Tortugas National Park

Not far from Key West, the Dry Tortugas National Park is spilling over with history and beauty. Enjoy a virtual tour of this national park that you may want to put on your bucket list. (At the end of this virtual tour, you can quickly go around the globe to other amazing sites, such as Alaska or Hawaii, just by hitting "next park" that will show up on the right of the screen.)


6. Home to Invite the Sarasota Orchestra's Musicians in for Special Performances

The Sarasota Orchestra has been serenading us for years. Now, meet some musicians from the comforts of their homes. Let their music move you as you scroll down to find video vignettes and fill your home with composing melodies.

At The Founders Club, you will love life at home here. From beautifully-designed floor plans with relaxing patio layouts to 700 acres of lakes, fairways, and nature preserves, home living is exceptional, and it's worth a look. We're here to share more and guide you on a virtual tour.


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