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Sarasota Market Update: Reports Show a Continued Upward Swing

Some things are worth the wait, but for some folks looking to pick out their perfect homes in Sarasota, waiting may just cause them to lose out.

Prospective homeowners are about to see home prices continue their climb in Sarasota luxury real estate due to a rise in demand, a continued decrease in inventory, and the diminishment of foreclosures. Sarasota and Manatee counties are still experiencing growth, bringing in historic sales figures in April 2015. The REALTOR® Association of Sarasota and Manatee (RASM) states that at this current pace, both counties will exceed their all-time annual highs in 2015. This seems like the same information we have been hearing for a couple of years, so where’s the dip many investors and secondary home-seekers have been expecting? According to Local Market Monitor, a national research company, that dip won’t happen for a few years. Their national survey projects that home values in the North Port-Bradenton-Sarasota area are projected to experience a 23 percent increase over the next three years and statistics from Core Logic show that prospective homeowners, and possibly investors, are running to Florida to put down cash for their dream home, more than likely due to the forecast of increasing values. Their report states that, during March 2015, Florida had the largest share of cash sales of any state at 51.8 percent.

The Founders Club has certainly seen an increase in prospective homeowners looking to get a piece of our coveted Sarasota luxury real estate. The 700-acre community has just sold its 156th home site in late March, propelling the community to the 60 percent built-out milestone. Recent buyers have included seasonal residents and full-time families seeking the convenience of the community’s location, its amenities, and the natural setting found within a native Florida landscape.

So what does this mean for anyone looking to settle into a beautiful vacation home in Sarasota? Well, you certainly don’t want to shy away from making your purchase. Escape-to-Sarasota states that Florida’s population is growing twice as fast as the national average and will double by 2040. Florida’s draw isn’t going away, but your opportunity to own your perfect Sarasota home just might. Contact us to take a tour of The Founders Club’s many move-in-ready homes or browse through our many fully-customizable floor plans to see which one suits you. Not ready to move just yet, but still want your piece of paradise? The Founders Club’s preferred builder, London Bay Homes, offers leaseback opportunities for every one of their model homes, allowing you to purchase the home of your dreams and still have it maintained by a professional tenant until you are ready to move in.

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