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Pros and Cons of Gated Communities in Sarasota

Most Gated communities in Sarasota have the advantage of better landscapes and geography, more privacy, less busy streets, safety, and a sense of solitude that people love in their homes. All features most consider desirable when looking for a home, but, for some, a gated community may lose its sense of community and neighborly aspects.

Here are some of the Pros and Cons of Gated communities:

Safety and peace of mind 

The most obvious feature of a gated community is a gate that typically surrounds the entire premises of the community. This means there are just a few ways in and out and the openings are usually home to security booths, gates that open with keycards, and other security measures to keep people who don’t live there out.

Naturally, this gives the residents a peace of mind and sense of security that you can’t get in an ungated community.


Less traffic

The extra security means nobody who doesn’t live there (other than guests) can travel through the streets of a gated community which leads to much less traffic than an ungated neighborhood.

This improves the noise level of the neighborhood and makes it safer for walking dogs, jogging, children playing in the street, and any other pedestrian activity.


Privacy and solitude

These are some of the hardest things to get in larger cities in America, but gated communities excel at providing them to their residents. With spacious lots and comfortable homes, life in a gated community is quieter and more peaceful than in an ungated one.


Rules and Regulations

The many luxuries of a gated community can sometimes come with a few fees and rules.

Many gated communities have HOA’s (Homeowners Associations) that dictate certain rules and regulations that each home must abide by. This could range from what you can and cannot build, how you must maintain your home, landscaping rules, etc.

It can also involve a few fees and payments to help maintain the community, though this is common with ungated communities, too.

Gated communities provide many opulent amenities and features that are hard to find nowadays. If you’re thinking of making a change and moving into a gated community, contact us and learn more about how you can make that dream come true.

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