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The Legacy of Robert Trent Jones, Jr.

There is a confidence shared by residents of the renowned Founders Club in Sarasota, FL. Membership at The Founder’s Club provides exclusivity and privacy that eschews the need for tee times; a clubhouse with the atmosphere of conviviality and mutual considerations and an 18-hole course whose caliber exceeds the expectations of even the most seasoned players.  

At the center of The Founder’s Club is a dramatic and challenging course design that’s several generations in the making.  

A Family Legacy

The accomplishments of Robert Trent Jones, Jr. began a generation earlier. It's said the sun never sets on a Robert Trent Jones, Sr. golf course. Why? Because this legendary architect has applied his artistry to courses not only throughout the states, but in each corner of the globe. He's known for designs that require strategy and daring play, with the liberal use of water hazards, and ingenious bunkers. So admired are his courses, he's an inductee of the World Golf Hall of Fame. A native Brit who designed his first course for his Alma Mater, Cornell University, while still in attendance, Jones, Sr. created the gold standard for design, passing his knowledge and talent on to his son, Robert Trent Jones, Jr.

A Legacy Passed Down 

Robert Trent Jones, Jr. has followed in his father’s footsteps, expertly. A Yale and Stanford graduate, Jones, Jr. worked under his father before forming his own golf course design firm, Robert Trent Jones II. His reputation precedes him as avid players of the game seek out his and his father's courses for their unparalleled play, beauty and challenges. From Hawaii to Minnesota, his work throughout the US is legendary in its own time.  As a seasoned and revered golf course architect in his own right, The Founder's Club Jones, Jr. is proud to be the owner of a course at The Founders Club that boasts his name.

A Community and Course, Now Yours to Enjoy

A Course and Community Like No Other: With a classical basis inspired by traditional Scottish Links courses, this 18-hole championship course is truly one of a kind. Rolling hills, challenging bunkers and hazards make for game play that is always exciting; it's a new game at every tee. See a hole-by-hole description that allows you strategize your perfect game, or go on a virtual tour of the course that allows you to place yourself and your imagination firmly on Robert Trent Jones, Jr.'s impeccably designed terra firma; it is here, amidst the emerald greens that residents, play and convene.

Outside of this astonishing course, residents are supplied with complimentary amenities, befitting the highest standards. From the Club house, offering both casual and fine dining options, to the tennis and volleyball courts, the lake views and miles of scenic trails for biking, walking and running, the course is only the beginning of what the Founder's Club offers. 

Download The Founder's Club brochure to see more information about the stunning Sarasota homes that accompany this breathtaking course.

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