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Hear What It’s Like to Work With Luxury Home Builder London Bay Homes

The Founders Club works with London Bay Homes to create stunning residences for all of the future homeowners that visit our Sarasota luxury community because they are committed to providing the highest quality in design and construction.  It is their mission to build homes that reflect the distinct tastes and unique personalities of their clients, but you don’t have to take our word for it, just listen to what Jim and Susan Buda have to say about working with London Bay.

For 30 years, London Bay Homes has built luxury custom homes that not only define the personalities of their clients, but live up to the high quality construction for which the luxury home builder is known.  Through Choice, Personalization, Service, and Trust, their in-house team of architects, designers, and construction personnel work with our clients to make sure no stone is left unturned in the design and construction of their home.  Jim Buda experienced this for himself when Mark Wilson, President and CEO of London Bay, spent some time discussing this process with him.

“Appreciating the quality of the architecture, the quality of the construction, the quality of the workmanship was something that drive us to London Bay…I spent a lot of time on the telephone though with Mark Wilson.  I’ll never forget this, I was in Chicago and he was kind enough to take my call and I spent probably an hour and a half on the phone with him talking about the process.”

The goal of the Private Label Living process is to get to know clients and deliver the home of their dreams, as well as keep them informed of every step throughout the building process with proactive updates on their home.  Even though London Bay Homes’ goal is to keep clients well-informed, answering their questions before they even ask them, clients can always feel free to ask about anything they have not addressed knowing they will get a timely and informed response.

"One has to put in a lot of effort to make sure that one is going to get the final product that one actually expects.  This is not easy and they make it, they truly, the London Bay and Romanza team makes it as easy as any experience we’ve ever had.  In our eight times to build, it’s the best experience we’ve ever had,” explained Jim Buda.

Susan Buda adds, “Anything that we wanted changed, or had questions about, all of those questions were taken care of and so we ended up with a great product.”

Throughout the design process, Jim and Susan Buda had a few things they wanted in their new home.  The first on the list was a 55-foot pool so Mr. Buda can swim laps, but that was also beautiful.  Jim and Susan Buda gave the London Bay team some of their ideas and the team worked on a pool design that was both functional and beautiful, leaving the couple very pleased with the result and allowing them to describe their pool as “incredibly beautiful.”

Another item on their list was a huge island so that when friends and family come over for dinner, they can hang around it while Mr. Buda shows off his knife skills during dinner prep or carry on a conversation with them while Mr. and Mrs. Buda cook. 

These design details weren’t just the focus of London Bay Homes, but of Romanza Interior Design, the luxury home builder’s in-house interior design firm, as well.  Melissa Allen, one of their award-winning interior designers, listened to the Budas talk about how Italy was their favorite place, so she transformed an alcove in the home to represent it.  She incorporated pictures, plants, and a furniture piece that reminded the Budas of their Tuscan travels.

“We just did not realize how beautiful this place was going to get done.  I mean, when we walked through there, it was unbelievably beautiful and it was like a catharsis for us, and the end product was far beyond what we expected.  It’s the most beautiful home that we have ever been in in our lives, and we very much appreciate it.”  Jim and Susan Buda

Contact us to learn more about London Bay Homes’ Private Label Living process, or schedule your tour to see the Sarasota new homes built by America’s Best Builder.

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