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Custom Home Plans Versus PRODUCTION Home Plans: What’s Right for Me

When building a home, the first thing most people do is scour the internet, or hire a real estate professional to do it for them, to see what types of homes are out there and which ones they would like to consider for their new home. In doing this, prospective homeowners are subject to a variety of floor plans that may or may not suit them from home builders that may or may not be able to make the necessary changes to make their vision into a reality.

This is the point in your home building journey when you learn what really matters in terms of your home’s layout and design, and you’ll be able to figure out the type of floor plan that you really need: a production floor plan or a custom home plan.

What’s the Difference?

The major difference between custom home plans and production floor plans is that custom home plans are designed according to your specifications. production floor plans are more generic and are suited to have mass appeal without any attention being given to a specific person. 

For example, suppose you are looking for a home that has a separate study. A production floor plan will just show you a house with three rooms, one of which you can make a study if you want, regardless of the space requirements. With a custom home plan, you can get a study designed, according to your specifications, with adequate space for shelves, built-in cabinetry, and more. 

When choosing the type of floor plan that suits you, you should consider the pros and cons of each type of plan to determine which one is right for you.

4 Things to Consider with PRODUCTION BUILDER Floor PlansTFC_Cameron_2018 Base Plan

1. Designed for the Masses

Production floor plans are very generic in design and, because they are produced for the masses, they have features that are popular, but not personalized. It also means that while you can find options for smaller or larger homes, there might be a limited variety in terms of creativity.

2. Tried and Tested

Production floor plan designs have typically been implemented on hundreds of homes. This gives the floor plan more credibility as it is a tried and tested design. It also means that any flaws that might arise with a new plan have more than likely already been worked out prior to your home.

3. Simpler to Choose

When picking production floor plan designs, making a choice is easier and faster because the architects, engineers, and design team are aware of how to work with that specific floor plan. They won’t have to accommodate any special requests.  In fact, you won’t have to meet with them at all.

4. Not Suited for Growth 

With production floor plan designs, what you see is what you get. Unless you get a floor plan that is large and spacious, it is very easy to outgrow a home that was built with a small floor plan design. This can end up prompting you to remodel your house or move to a new one sooner than you would like.

4 Things to Consider with Custom Home Plans

Cameron_TFC_Lot7_Front Elevation Dusk Header

Custom home plans are more versatile and give you more options, but they are not always the easiest floor plans with which to work if you do not choose your home builder wisely. 

1. More Time-Consuming

Custom home plans are more time-consuming to draw and to apply. A unique design will require the architects, designers, and engineers to evaluate how they will work with each of the design specifications requested. Your requirements in terms of materials will also differ which might take more time. You will also have to get more people on board, including the right consultants, architects, designers, and builders for custom designs.

2. Getting Clearance

production floor plans have the upper hand here as they are usually approved by the local building authorities. Custom floor plans need to be given clearance and it can take some time for the authorities to check the plan. Building without getting approval is subject to fines and penalties and zone violations can cause complications.

3. Can Cost More

Custom home plans are more costly. Making modifications, getting the right experts on board, and the right materials can cost a lot of money. Usually, custom home plans are not always recommended if you are working on a tight budget.  They are recommended if you have a specific lifestyle you would like to maintain and you are willing to invest in your home to make it just how you want it for years to come.

4. A One of a Kind Home

The wonderful part about getting a custom home plan is that you can rest assured no one else has a home like yours. Your house might cost you more, but it will be completely unique and designed according to your specifications. 

Which One Should I Pick?

At the end of the day, picking a home plan can depend on many factors, including your budget, available space, custom home builder options, license and clearance, and more. Luckily, if you have the right team of experts, you can opt for a fully-customizable production floor plan that can be adjusted to suit your needs.  The Founders Club has many available floor plans that are fully-customizable, as well as the ability to build a luxury custom home from scratch to provide you with a unique floor plan and design, thanks to our unique partnerships with some of Sarasota's finest luxury custom home builders.  Take a look at our available floor plans, as well as our custom home options, to determine if The Founders Club is right for you. 

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