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What Makes Sarasota, Florida the Best Place to Live

If you’re thinking about moving to Southwest Florida, chances are you’ll hear from many people that Sarasota is one of the best places to live. In 2018, Sarasota was ranked among the ‘Top 100 Best Places to Live’ by This ranking only applies to cities within the US and Sarasota beat out around 2,100 cities to earn a spot on the list. Even Money Magazine included Sarasota in its list of ‘7 Best Places to Go in Florida.’

So, if you find yourself wondering what it would be like to visit Southwest FL and what makes Sarasota, Florida the best place to live, take a closer look at the many reasons you should consider the trip:

1. Award-Winning Beaches

stepping on the beach sea foam sand

Sarasota’s sandy beaches are recognized all across the country as being among the best.  One of the sandy favorites is Siesta Key, a beach that has won many awards and accolades, and holds the title for ‘The World’s Finest Whitest Sand,’ after winning the Great International Sand Challenge. The quartz content in the sand in Siesta Key is among the highest, coming up to 99% which gives it a unique texture. Interestingly, the white sand reflects heat, keeping it cool, even on hot days. 

Siesta Key was also awarded the title of ‘America’s Best Beach’ in 2011 by coastal expert Dr. Stephen P. Leatherman, Dr. Beach and Director of Florida International University’s Laboratory for Coastal Research. In 2015, Siesta Key was also awarded the No.1 rank for ‘Best Beach in the World’ by AARP and ranked No. 1 in Trip Advisor’s list of ‘Travelers Choice Top Beaches in USA.’


2. Temperate Weather 


If you hate winters, you will love Sarasota, Florida. Close proximity to the coast means that this coastal city never experiences a true winter. In Sarasota, the sun shines all year round and there is no snow to worry about. The weather stays humid and hot during the summers, coupled with frequent rain showers in the evening. 

Combined with the sea breeze and the rain, Sarasota has a pleasantly tropical weather that never gets too cold. If you’re tired of the snow, wearing mittens, and shoveling snow out your driveway, moving to Sarasota, Florida might be the best break for you.


3. Award-Winning Health Care 

While Sarasota only has four hospital facilities, they are known for their exceptional services in terms of healthcare. In 2009 and 2010, Sarasota Memorial Hospital ranked among Forbes list of 'America’s Safest Hospitals' and the list of 'The Least Deadly Hospitals in the US.’ Sarasota Memorial Hospital is also one of the largest, publicly owned hospitals in the state of Florida. 

Money Magazine has also rated Sarasota among their list of ‘Best Cities with the Best Healthcare Systems.’ With so much to offer in terms of healthcare, Sarasota is actually perfect for retirees because the excellent healthcare coupled with the low cost of living all combine to make it the best place to live your life without any worries.


4. Extremely Affordable 

When it comes to affordability, many people believe that cities in Florida might be out of their budget, but Sarasota is actually economical. Compared to the cost of living in major cities such as Chicago, New York City, Washington D.C, and Boston, the cost of living in Sarasota is very pocket-friendly. 

Moving here also offers you plenty of incentives – there are no state imposed income taxes, property taxes are rather low, and you get even lower energy costs. Housing options are also available for a number of different budgets and you can easily buy or custom build your luxury dream home. 


5. Nature and Wildlife Reserves

When it comes to the local flora and fauna, Sarasota is blessed with both. The local wildlife consists of plenty of coastal birds and rare species including the bald eagle and the osprey. There are a number of wildlife reserves where you can learn more about these creatures through guided tours.

Bird watching is also a popular hobby in Sarasota as you can expect to see different birds during the summer, the migratory months, and winter. The coral reefs around Sarasota are also a haven for aquatic creatures, including bottle nosed dolphins and manatees, as well as sea turtles. 


6. Foodie Haven 

busy restaurant people eating

Sarasota has a collection of restaurants that are known for the quality of their food. Offering differing and rich cuisines, Sarasota has many outstanding dining options. Moreover, Sarasota’s craft beer is award winning and served with pride with every meal. The cocktails and mocktails are also clever, inventive, and very welcome in the warm, summer weather.

Whether you’re heading out for lunch or for dinner, you can find plenty of restaurants, cafes, food trucks, and more situated around you. You can find a number of different sea cafes and more that provide fresh seafood, freshly caught, and served with delicious condiments near our award-winning beaches.

When it comes to what makes Sarasota the best place to live, you can pinpoint one of the many benefits listed here, but you will also never have to make that choice.  You can find a little slice of heaven in our coastal city and take advantage of everything it has to offer. 

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